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Obesity in adults is a very common and risky health condition which can cause damages in various organs. Dieting and physical exercise only help you to reduce weight at a normal pace. Many times, drug assisted weight loss programs are recommended for patients who have very serious problems in losing weight. Adipex 37.5 mg, a popular appetite suppressant is recommended for patients who can benefit greatly from the drug despite its side effects.

Adipex P is made up of sympathomimetic amine. It is also called as anorexigenic drug or anorectic drug. Nervous system is stimulated by this drug to suppress appetite. It will increase your heart rate and blood pressure and decrease your appetite. As a result, you won't crave much for food. Instead of trying to starve yourself, you will feel reduced hunger and hence, diet recommended to you can be consumed without any problem. .


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As with any appetite suppressant, you should use Adipex 37.5 mg with caution. Adipex is found to cause dizziness, restlessness, and blurred vision. The effective combination of chemicals in the drug hide the symptoms of extreme tiredness, but this can pose a huge risk if you work in hazardous conditions.

Some people experienced allergic reaction such as difficulty in breathing while taking Adipex. Irregular heart beat and blood pressure may be caused because of the nature of this drug. Psychological hallucination is also a common side of Adipex. Some people experienced nervousness, insomnia, restlessness, sexual drive problems because of Adipex.

Adipex 37.5 mg should always be used in moderation because it is found to cause dependency. Long term consumption of this drug is highly discouraged as it can cause physical or psychological effects. Many people who continued to take Adipex for a few weeks experienced withdrawal effects when they tried to give up.

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